16/04/2015 14:37

REVIEW : SINATRAS “Six•Sexy•Songs” (2015)


Sinatras is a new band, that was born from one of Emanuele Zilio's ideas (guitar player for 20 years in  Italian metal/hardcore band Strange Corner). The band's sound refers to acts such as Pantera, Carcass and Hatebreed to name a few. Sinatras' featuring musicians with different musical roots (members from Strange Corner/hc band, Kani/hard r’n'r band, Hypnotheticall/prog metal, High Bridge/progressive death metal band), who have been involved in the underground scene for many years.

"Six•Sexy•Songs" is the band's debut release and was recorded in less than five months. Sinatras consists of Lele Sinatra on guitars, Fla Sinatra on vocals, Lispio Sinatra on bass, Minkio Sinatra on guitars and Jenny B. Sinatra on drums.

So, in this six-track album you'll be hit by a thunderous and 'stormy' classic metal stuff full of powerful guitars, aggressive and 'brutal' vocals and lots of attitude. And even if this kinda stuff it's not my cup of tea, I have to say that I really dig this mini-album a lot! This band has plenty of talent and the balls to deliver a really metal to the bone record that is perfect for head-banging! Personally, I think that Sinatras take death metal to a new level, to a new label; and that could easily be called Death Metal Roll. They achieve to mix perfectly all the kinds of metal (thrash/speed/hardcore/groove/nu-metal) and the result will please the fans of this scene. I'm looking forward to their next step!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
 1. Contamination / 2. Frank Is Back / 3. Sunshine / 4. The Game / 5. W.A.F.S. / 6. All Or Nothing